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League Standings


The New Hampshire Amateur Association runs the Granite State League. It is our official regional league. First place teams in the higher divisions of this league go on to regional and national play. Should they qualify. This is based on placement in the state tournament.

The Granite State League operates three divisions based on skill of the teams. Each association decides which level to place each team based on the skill of their players. There is parity round as in the Dual State League. Within a division each team is required to play each team at least once, once at home and once away. This results in between 12 – 26 games for the season; there is a tournament to determine the winner from the top teams for that division. Frequently there are also tournaments for the lower placing teams as well.

Games for this league are played throughout New Hampshire. Our Home Rink is the Skate 3 in Tyngsboro, MA.  Away games are as far as Lebanon, Berlin and Lyndonville, VT. These trips are great quality family time!

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The Valley Hockey League represents more than 60 programs and 500 teams from Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine.

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